Fleece Liners - Pack of 20

Fleece Liners - Pack of 20

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Fleece Liners are 100% polyester fleece -similar to fine clothing fleece, not sheep fleece, providing an effective stay dry layer as well as a poo catcher.

  • Covers the whole nappy area, and so poo is far less likely to even hit the nappy in the first place (with paper liners, they can tend to move out of the firing line once baby is old enough to wriggle).
  • Liners are thick, no staining goes through to the nappy once your baby is weaned. This means that if your child poos in a fresh nappy, you can just replace the fleece. You couldn’t really do this with a flushable liner. Also, this protects the nappy somewhat from the curry stains a pre-weaning breastfed baby is so fond of producing.
  • 100% polyester, the liner is completely non-absorbent, and so provides an effective stay-dry layer. It also cleans easily and dries immediately.
  • Once you have bought them, there are no ongoing liner costs or the hassle of making sure you don’t run out.
  • Wash at 60 with the nappies. Please note that fleece does need to be prewashed a couple of times, otherwise liquid runs off it rather than through it.
  • Pack of 20.

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