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Flip Training Pants by Bumgenius are our best selling trainer pants as they are so versatile. Initially they look incredibly expensive but once you understand they are effectively 3 pairs in 1 they are on a par with other trainer pants but with far more benefits. These will be ideal for a child starting to potty train who isn't quite reliable enough for the Bright Bots trainer pants.

Each set comes with 1 waterproof cover and 3 individual inserts so is effectively 3 pairs in one. When the child has an accident you just take out the cotton pad and replace with a new clean dry pad. You can also buy more inserts separately if 3 isn't enough. The cotton pads will keep the child feeling the wetness which helps them learn and hopefully speed up potty training.

The trainer pants fit 20-55lbs so they fit way beyond the age most children need them making them very cost effective compared to keep buying bigger sizes as the child grows.

The flip trainer pants have stretchy sides so the child can pull them down and pull them up themselves when they need to go to the toilet but if they have a poo accident you can lay the child down and unpopper the side panels so you can change them lying down which is much quicker and cleaner than having to pull pooey pants down their legs.

Key features are:

  • Adjustable, stretch-to-fit waist bands with snaps
  • Form fitting elastic Prevents leakage
  • Pull-on or snap-off
  • Waterproof shell
  • Fold pad down to size, extra in back for girl, front for boy
  • Secure cotton pad in shell with hook and loop strips

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