Meet the Earthlets

A little tribe of earth loving friends who work hard to keep our planet safe for future generations.

Acorn loves being outside and spends the days picking up litter, planting trees and looking after rare plants and bugs.


Fun loving outdoor Earthlet

Blossom loves animals, looking after sick and injured animals to make sure that they get better and find new homes with people who love them.


Animal loving Earthlet

Moss loves foraging for food and cooking for the friends. Moss works hard in the garden to grow fresh veggies and look after the chickens, collecting their eggs every morning for breakfast.


Food loving Earthlet

Chestnut loves making things for their house, finding old things that other people have thrown away and making them look nice and new again for their cosy little home.


Builder and Handy Earthlet

Hazel is into recycling and makes sure that everything they use helps to make something new. Hazel makes sure that all their plastic goes in the right bin and puts the rubbish out on the day.


Head of Recycling